All our projects

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All our projects

Post  tooskyblue on Tue Mar 03, 2009 10:25 pm

Arranged according to priority:

Decide on days to bring badminton rackets
Timeline: ASAP

Revamp the forum
-Rank banners
-Change Naruto-ness

Budget: N/A (Note: this is very time-consuming and requires effort from more than one person [JK can't be doing everything])

Timeline: ASAP
What it is about: We want to give this forum a fresh look to make it more attractive to 06 people so that they'll post more. Also, the Naruto thing is getting pretty tiring...

Buy ms mak chocolates as a thank-you gift.
Budget: 23 bucks? ($1 per person)
Timeline: By the end of the year
What it is about: We want to thank ms mak for mentoring us for a year. XD

Class Jacket
Budget: No idea. Should be less than 50 bucks per person.
Timeline: By the end of the year, but we need to decide now whether or not we want one.
What it is about: Class spirit! XD

Class Fund
Budget: Everyone has to donate a set amount but you can voluntarily donate more.
Timeline: Well, as soon as possible so we dun have to worry about money matters for the next birthday celebration.
What it is about: Again, class spirit.

Hope this list is helpful.

This list is supposed to keep you guys updated on what progress we have made so far on our projects and to keep track of which ones are the most important at the moment. Also, members who have somewhat temporarily deserted the forum (!) may want to check this as a quick reference as to what we have actually done so far...

Mods feel free to edit this X).

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