New Warning System

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New Warning System

Post  Jay-K on Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:40 pm

Ok this is jus a minor thing
i jus changed the warning system
so now
u start off wif a full bar
when get a warning point
the bar will go down by 1
n then it will no longer b full
so u hv 5 chances
like b4
when u hv 0 warning points, the bar will b green n filled to the end.
when u hv 1 warning point, the bar will still b green, bt it will be 4/5 filled.
two warning points will mean tt ur bar is now yellow n is 3/5 filled
three warning point, and ur bar will b orange wif 2/5 bar filled.
four and u get a red bar wif 1/5 bar filled
no la
five n u get banned
too bad for u
u will hv a bar wif the wrd BANNED

i dun wanna ban anyone so..
Very Happy

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