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Rules of the forum

Post  Jay-K on Mon Feb 02, 2009 10:57 pm

NOTE: i moved the rules back here because i think tt alot of ppl miss the rules part
which is kinda important. so its going to b here for all to c. (:
ok here r a rundown of the rules in the forum

1. No spamming (spamming as in posting/making a topic of the same thing repeatedly)

2. No talking/posting abt porn/sex here

3. No flaming of anyone

4. MSN writing is allowed(like wat i m writing rite now) bt no such words as cr8(create), w8(wait) is allowed cos they r unreadable

5. When posting for the first time pls tell me ur real name so tt i can noe who u r. if u r nt frm nushs then ignore this(diao as if anyone else will visit this forum XD)

6. No double posting unless u r bumping ur thread wif info. better still pls use the edit function. Its thr for a purpose u noe.

7. No posting rubbish(like replying to a topic wif the answer "jfhakha"). Try to make your posts at least 10 words. One-word replies like 'OMG' and 'WTF?' aren't very helpful.

8. No posting in any language other than English n Chinese


10. No asking for a topic to be locked unless you are a mod.

And if a post is exceptionally disturbing it shall b removed immediately.

Very short rules; i dun like to limit ppl
if anyone violates thr will b a penalty
of warning points of course
5 n u r banned
hope no one gets banned

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